Greetings Guitar Lovers,

Isn't playing the guitar the coolest? Even just saying, 'I play the guitar,' makes one cool by association. However you look at it, playing, and really learning, the guitar is a ridiculously cool and life-enhancing talent/therapy that never runs out of ways to both chill and stimulate you, relax and challenge you, make you smile, help you tell a story...all the above and more. I'm excited to help get you where you want to go, because I remember firsthand just how GOOD you feel when you play your favorite song, learn a solo, etc. I do what I love, and love what I do!

That said, don't let my relaxed home studio environment, or lack of neon 'Strausbaugh Guitar & Music Studio' sign mislead you—as a one-man-show/one-on-one guide, I obviously take all aspects of my career/passion seriously. That includes protecting my business while running it effectively and wisely, while keeping YOU, dear guitarist, a happily fulfilled client. Seems pretty smart! With a maximum of 30 weekly clients, my business model is a textbook example of mutual respect, and 'quality vs. quantity.' You're trusting me to be dependable, provide that quality, and earn the tuition you invest. Similarly, I have to trust those with whom I work to pay for their lesson time and respect my business policies.

So, I've gone into some detail in hopes you'll understand why certain key policies are necessary. It's much like the 'side effect' warnings on medication—it addresses several possible scenarios ahead of time, none of which might affect you!

Ultimately, my 'product' isn't actually chords and songs and scales, i.e., 'guitar stuff.' My product is much more limited -it's 'time,' and your investment purchases your one-hour slot, same day/time, every week. Luckily, that one-hour time slot includes an awesome guitar lesson, burstin' with musical diversity, knowledge and experience that comes with three Masters' of Music (classical guitar, composition/music theory, and jazz studies), 10 years of private and university-level academic teaching experience, and 30 years of playing and performing experience. Bonus: your instructor is a positive, encouraging, relatable and affable 'mentor-minded' guy who loves to see those 'a-ha!/light bulb' moments happen!

I happily admit—it feels AWESOME to be able to not only show people how to play guitar, but get them excited to do take my experience, training, knowledge, and 'hell, yes, you can do this!' teaching attitude and give you a truly immersive, kickass guitar lesson! In return, you'll find my minimal expectations are of a 'common sense and mutual respect' nature.


Because attendance must be assumed, lessons will be charged on a monthly tuition basis ($200 for four lessons, $250 for five), and payment is due at the first lesson of each month. If you miss the first lesson, the full monthly amount must be paid at the beginning of your next lesson.

Attendance & Rescheduling

Naturally, things happen—cars break down, people get sick, etc. The occasional reschedule is expected and normal, so if you have to miss your lesson and give me proper notice, we'll reschedule right away. Easy! However, it's expected that you'll be able to commit to your dedicated weekly lesson slot, with limited rescheduling possible when necessary.

  • No call/no shows will not be made up, and will be charged
  • No reschedules without 24-hour notice
  • Rescheduling is an option (with exceptions), cancellations are not
  • Missed lessons will be rescheduled immediately—I'll do my best to accommodate, and I'll reschedule as I have openings. Weekends may be open for reschedules, depending on time.
  • Missed/rescheduled lessons that haven't been made up will NOT be credited or pro-rated to the next month, they will be carried over until made up
  • Scheduled make-ups can't be rescheduled—once a lesson is rescheduled, you must keep it!
  • If I have to reschedule a lesson, I'll do so immediately
  • Sick? STAY HOME...I don't get Sick Days!

If rescheduling becomes a pattern, we'll need to discuss pronto! Please understand that, while rescheduling is a 'different' time for you, it's additional, uncompensated time for me.


In the event I reach out to you via text, phone, or email, please respond as soon as possible. Just as you appreciate prompt communication with your various creditors, utilities, internet providers, etc., I need prompt communication from you. If I reach out to you, such communication will be succinct, and pretty much what you'd expect—yes/no questions, scheduling, etc. If you've been with me a while, I guarantee you've been part of several 'lesson reschedule/rearranging' situations (whether you know it or not!), and is only possible with your participation.

Lastly, I welcome ANY input regarding your actual lesson material! If we're covering an inappropriate amount of material, techniques, etc., I don't want you to feel over-or underwhelmed. There is no set schedule or curriculum, and your lessons are meant to encourage growth, not cause worry! Let me know if you have specific questions (a letter can be only so thorough), and I'm genuinely eager to be continuing with all of you!

Thank you,
Mike Strausbaugh


This lesson policy was last updated on May 22, 2017.