Hello, Guitar Enthusiasts!

What is it about music and the guitar that drives you? That drove you to seek out a dedicated teacher, and
not just YouTube lessons? From the beginner who just thinks 'guitar is really cool, I want to learn how to
play it!,' to the musicophile longing to explore deep levels of harmonic/melodic/rhythmic complexity, I
love being the guy you trust to take you there... and much, much farther! And make no mistake, it's an
honor, a privilege, and most definitely a calling. As you may know, I happily invested plenty of blood,
sweat, tears, time, money, and passion into earning three Masters' of Music in classical guitar,
composition, and jazz. Why? Because spreading music the right way is my jam, and loving what I do is
easy. Is it any wonder? Playing an instrument and performing are known to..

• increase memory capacity
• refine team management and organization skills
• boost team skills
• teach and reinforce perseverance
• enhance coordination
• keep analytical/math skills sharp
• improve reading and comprehension
• expose you to centuries of cultural history
• sharpen concentration
• foster self-expression and relieve stress
• create a sense of achievement
• boost listening skills
• reward discipline tangibly
• promote performance skills and reduces 'stage fright'
• promote happiness in YOUR life

I get to help people like you with all that, just by sharing my favorite thing! If you're able to look at your
journey into music like I do, you'll realize your guitar is WAY more than just wood and strings.

If you practice consistently, with focus, you'll get better. Promise! You likely won't see day-to-day
results, but I'll certainly see them week-to-week. There isn't a hard rule regarding a set amount of
practice time per day or week, but results come from frequent, diligent practice. An hour every day
would be great, but if you're only able to squeeze in 15 minutes, you should focus on those things that are
especially challenging. If you have some time set aside for guitar, even better! My goal is for you to
WANT to play, so that when you pick up your trusty six-string, an hour goes by in no time!
I encourage all my students to get excited about the idea of 'optimistically realistic' goals! Optimistic
realism means understanding that real and lasting progress does not abide shortcuts and 'get good quick'
schemes. Attempting to play beyond your abilities to what you think you 'should' be able to do, or
getting frustrated because you're a 'perfectionist' and keep making mistakes, is a great way to beat yourself
up! Consider this: an actual perfectionist would understand that a discipline like music involves fine-tuned
dexterity, long-term growth and strict focus. This is a WONDERFUL part of the stage, because
you'll see results FAST! BUT..play as slowly and meticulously as necessary. This entails playing within
your means, and pushing them gently. A good fast player is just a good slow player who eventually got

Your Personal Curriculum

I'm assuming you didn't pick up the guitar to learn the names of strings or the proper way to hold a pick.
No, something about your favorite artist or song gave you a feeling . A feeling that went beyond, 'I like
this song,' to 'I love this song, and I don't know what they're doing, but I want to do it!' For me it was
80's Metallica. Did you have a similar experience? I want to know what it was!
With that in mind, I go for the obvious; your favorite music. If it's not immediately realistic, that's just
fine; we can alter songs to your skill level, or there are endless classic songs that you can learn from Day
One. However, regardless of material, I use each song to introduce cool and interesting topics every
guitar player should know – keys, chord construction, scales, melody, harmony.. things that people call
'music theory.' Ultimately, we'll fulfill all your guitar 'wish list' songs, but you can expect me to push and
challenge you with topics you never would have considered...and every student I work with loves that!

Performance Opportunities

Several times a year (every 3-4 months), I'll be arranging performances, which I strongly suggest you take
part in! Performing is a great way to check your progress, and, more importantly, it provides continuous,
concrete goals. Our performance venues may vary, but I'm not interested in the traditional 'recital' idea;
even if larger-scale performance is your long-term goal, playing for smaller crowds is more familiar and
organic for most. Hence, the idea of an 'open mic' vibe is appealing. Your performance can be as
involved as you like, and I'm happy to assist by accompanying, playing a duet, etc.


The idea of attendance certainly hasn't changed, but makeups will now be done 21st-century style. Let me
introduce you to LessonMate.com! LessonMate is a stellar way to make sure you we keep you on track
when one of us has to miss, and if you have to cancel on the same day as your lesson, you still get
your lesson! When you let me know you won't be able to attend your lesson, just text me a general
update on what you've been working on, specific questions, etc. I'll create your lesson via LessonMate
and email you a link.

• 'Rescheduling' just became obsolete
• Your lessons will be ready in relatively no time, typically within your scheduled lesson time
• I'll be able to provide you new material (including attachments, audio, and video) that relates to
your current project(s)
• saves time and gas money
Still, please remember....
• No call/no shows will not be made up, and will be charged
• If you even suspect you're sick, STAY HOME!

Monthly Tuition

Lessons are charged on a monthly basis at $65/hour ($260 for 4-week months/$325 for 5-week months),
due at the first lesson of every month. If you miss the first lesson, the full monthly amount must be paid at
the beginning of your next lesson.

Upward and onward, y'all!!