Private Guitar Lessons

University-Level Private Guitar Instruction For Adults


Private Guitar Lessons

University-Level Private Guitar Instruction For Adults

Our Approach To Your Lessons...

You wouldn't want a personal trainer who only works on curls, you don't want a basketball coach who only drills free throws, and you don't want a guitar instructor who only plays <pick a style>. No YouTube lessons in THIS dojo—your investment includes 'you'-crafted lessons with a well-rounded, well-trained, and open-minded coach that can musically appreciate wherever you're coming from, and participate in getting you where you want to go. 

Michael Strausbaugh - Close up of Guitar

So, what WILL your coaching sessions be like?

Thorough. Relaxed. A Riot. Interactive. Explorative. Snazzy. Shreddy. Rad.

I've worked one-on-one with hundreds of people, young and old, and I've instructed just as many university-level undergrad students in jazz improvisation, classical guitar, music theory, and composition. Like them, you'll be working with a 'mentor'-minded chap with a wicked wit who truly digs sharing the guitar with you. Regardless of how wonderfully your teacher plays, it doesn't mean a thing if they can't effectively explain and demonstrate, and adapt, if necessary. Isn't that the guy you want in your corner?! Gotta be able to relate, son! 

Your lesson is also an hour, for several reasons. First, experience tells me 30 minutes isn't enough time to really delve into what we need to. Also, a big part of my style derives simply from hanging out with you and learning how best to teach you.

Learn Chords &amp; Picking

Right & Left-hand Technique

Knowing a thousand chords, or playing a thousand notes a minute, is pretty cool...unless it sounds awful, sloppy, or just plain wrong! We'll spend a lot of time honing in on how to make your tools (i.e., your hands) work with and for you, not against you.

Guitar Fundamentals

Understanding vs. Playing

Know when your favorite song comes to life? Not when you finally learn how to just 'play' it—that's like tracing the Mona Lisa. Songs come to life when you understand them – why certain chords/notes sound really good, why songs change key, and what exactly is a 'key' in music?! Best part is, you don't have to be an 'expert,' and musical competence is actually pretty easy. You'll see!

Practice and Consistency. Guitar Expert

What Should I Practice?

Scales? Songs? Chords? Notes? Picking? All of that. Some of that. It depends, of course! Your musical journey is just that – it's yours, so it'll change as your weaknesses become strengths. Of COURSE, we'll learn songs; they're fun, and they're loaded with fundamental 'musical building blocks.' I look at each song learned as a piece of your musical puzzle, and each one teaches something new that you'll take with you to the next. 

Pricing & Scheduling

Lesson tuition is $65/hour-long lesson, charged on a monthly basis.*


Private Lessons

Pay Monthly


Private Instruction

60 Minute In-Depth Session

Comfortable, Relaxed Atmosphere

Flexible Scheduling


* Pricing varies based on the number of lessons in a month. $260 or $325 per month.
NOTE: See my Lesson Policy for more information.

Customer Testimonials

Top Notch instruction for students at any level and any style of music!!

Mike is an amazing teacher who can adapt to any musical style and any level of student experience. His extensive knowledge of music theory and his focus on explaining “why” in addition to “how” is what makes Mike a top tier instructor.
— Gavin G.
Mike is the best guitar teacher I have worked with.

Im really glad I found Mike. When I first signed up for lessons on Thumbtack, I wanted to find the right teacher so I signed up with 3 different people. After trying a few teachers, it was a no brainer to stick with Mike. He definitely has a knack for making tough concepts easy to understand...
— Clayton N.
Awesome teacher of anything to do with music!

Mike has been a great teacher of guitar, songwriting, and music theory. He’s enthusiastic, patient, and knowledgeable. This guy just truly loves music.
— Tim F.


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